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Top 4 Hot Springs in California

Here are 4 of our top hot springs in California! These hot springs are out favorites in California and we recommend everyone check them out. We show you Deep Creek Hot Springs, Wild Willys Hot Spring, Santa Barbara Hot Spring, and Remington Hot Spring. All these hot springs are located in California and are relatively easy to hike to.

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Top 3 Hikes In Angeles National Forest (Near Los Angeles)

In this video we show you fellow hikers the 3 most exciting hikes in Angeles National Forest. 🌲☀️ All these hikes are in Los Angeles County and are fairly near Los Angeles. The first hike I show you is called Monkey Canyon which is a natural waterslide. The second hike I show you is Inspiration Point Trail which is a 10 mile hike near Altadena that has an awesome view and telescopes at the top. The third hike I show you is Big horn Mine which is near Wrightwood which allows hikers to explore inside there abandoned mine. I also show a bonus hike called Vincent's Cabin which is a fairly short hike that leads to an awesome abandoned cabin...

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