3 waterfalls to visit in California in 2021!

3 waterfalls to visit in California in 2021!

With 2020 coming to an end we wanted to start the new year off right by giving some of our favorite spots away. In this blog we mention 3 waterfalls that we love to explore in California. We will mention the waterfalls with some interesting facts, some pictures, and of course how to get there. So lets start it off....

Burney Falls

This beautiful waterfall is located in Shasta County in northern California. This waterfall has multiple springs that feed into it which is what creates this stunning view. When we went the water was super cold and no one was brave enough to jump in. To get to this waterfall we will post a link right below which will give you Burney falls loop trail. We highly recommend visiting this waterfall at least once because the views are unreal. 
Burney Falls Loop Trail
More Beautiful photos! 

Rainbow Falls


This beautiful waterfall is located in Mammoth Lakes, California little more south than Burney Falls. This waterfall stands at 102 feet high and is part of the Devils Postpile National Monument. This waterfall gets its name from the colorful rainbow the mist creates. This place is also perfect for a nice cold plunge if you dare. Be sure to hike to the lower falls too, its less crowded and has a nice swimming hole. We posted a video down below to when we went to Rainbow falls! Feel free to check it out. 
Rainbow Falls Via Devils Post Pile Trail

Mist Falls


Our last Waterfall on our list is Mist Falls located in Kings Canyon National Park. This waterfall takes around a 8.7 mile round trip hike to get to but don't let that discourage you because the hike itself is beautiful. You walk along the river the whole hike so feel free to take a dip at any moment. We also filmed a video at this location which we actually managed to find some cliff jumps too! 
Mist Falls Trail
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