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Top 3 Hikes In Angeles National Forest (Near Los Angeles)

In this video we show you fellow hikers the 3 most exciting hikes in Angeles National Forest. 🌲☀️ All these hikes are in Los Angeles County and are fairly near Los Angeles. The first hike I show you is called Monkey Canyon which is a natural waterslide. The second hike I show you is Inspiration Point Trail which is a 10 mile hike near Altadena that has an awesome view and telescopes at the top. The third hike I show you is Big horn Mine which is near Wrightwood which allows hikers to explore inside there abandoned mine. I also show a bonus hike called Vincent's Cabin which is a fairly short hike that leads to an awesome abandoned cabin in the woods.
 🥾 All the hikes mentioned 🥾
Monkey Canyon Trail
Inspiration Point Loop Trail
Big Horn mine Trail
Vincent's Cabin Trail